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Out of the Ordinary

Nov 13, 2018

This is the story about an invisibility cloak.

Because it's only natural to feel unseen when the ordinary routines of ordinary life close in around us. No one is handing out gold stars for washing the dishes, or changing the oil in the car, or dealing with that pile of junk mail. No one gives a round of applause when we tackle one more ordinary task on one more ordinary day.

Or maybe someone does?

Lisa-Jo and Christie share stories of invisibility and ask whether our hunger for recognition and approval might actually be a good and necessary thing.

Do you ever feel unseen? We'd love to hear your story. Come say hello on Instagram: @lisajobaker and @christiepurifoy . Or use our hashtag #outoftheordinarypodcast

Listener Resources!

A film we discuss: The Wife, starring Glenn Close
A book we love: The Shadow Doctor, by Adrian Plass

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