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Out of the Ordinary

Oct 6, 2021

Key Conversation Points:

  • What's your guess for Christie's new, life-giving rhythm that she didn't ask for but is receiving well?  
  • Christie's grocery list befuddles Lisa-Jo and we can learn from this! Clue: There is such a thing as imposter olive oil and it may or may not be sitting in Lisa-Jo's pantry right now. 
  • When do you have space in your week to free your brain?  Ideas are in this episode!  
  • Let's remind ourselves WHY the meaning in the middle of our weeks really matters! It can be a sacred liturgy. 
  • What new thing is Lisa-Jo doing that she hasn't done in 4 years?  
  • When you travel overseas, gift shopping looks so different.  We have the tips! 
  • Lisa-Jo states, "What you take for granted in your life is special to someone else." 
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