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Out of the Ordinary

Jan 2, 2019

This is the story about promises buried like Spring.

We recorded this episode on the 3rd floor of Maplehurst surrounded by the wrapping paper dregs of Christmas. And neither of us was ready to rush into the New Year just yet. 

For all of us who feel like we're back at a start line when we only just crossed the finish of the old year here is an alternative to setting New Year's resolutions.

Join Christie and Lisa-Jo as they spend some time remembering the ancient promises already waiting for us in the New Year. Let go the pressure to have to chart your own course perfectly. Here's permission to believe that spring will come just as surely as those bulbs are buried in the dirt and uncertainty right now. 

Listener invitation: Come find us on Instagram using the #OutoftheOrdinaryPodcast hashtag and share your own favorite old promises that you're taking into this New Year. 

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