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Out of the Ordinary

Dec 1, 2021

Key Conversation Points

  • Everyone wants to feel comfy this time of year and Lisa-Jo and Christie are the same! Grab something off this list just FOR YOU! You deserve it! 
  • What products make you so happy? See if you hear about a new thing that will make your life better. There's super affordable options too! 
  • Have you seen "Parks and Rec?" We can fill you in- Treat Yo Self origin here   
  • Lisa-Jo's list: 

Hair Wand -L’Ange Le Spirale in Blush 1" (25MM) Titanium

Nail polish- Olive and June Get 20% off first-time customerʼs
order of any Olive & June system.Use Code: Lisa-JoBaker

Shower Cap 

Tabletop Fire Pit and fuel 

  • Christie's list: 

Fleece-lined leggings

Jo Malone cologne

Paris tea

The Divine Hours

Thursday Murder Club

One Long River of Song

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