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Out of the Ordinary

Jan 16, 2019

This is the story of a Jasmine-scented South African summer night.

This is a story about disappointment in God, and this is a conversation about the dreams that do NOT come true.

Christie and Lisa-Jo recorded this episode the week of Christie's twenty-second wedding anniversary. They marveled over the long years of their friendship, and all the dreams-come-true they have witnessed in each other's lives.

But what about those dreams that don't come true?

Can we trust a God who sometimes says NO? Is that God still good?

Lisa-Jo tells the story of her most bitter disappointment and the surprising encounter she had one warm, South African night.

Listener invitation: Come find us on Instagram using the #OutoftheOrdinaryPodcast hashtag and tell us about the "No" that became a different kind of "Yes." 

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