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Out of the Ordinary

Mar 16, 2022

Key Conversation Points:

  • The ordinary moments anchor us and connect us across neighborhoods, states, countries and oceans....even for Lisa-Jo's friend in Ukraine.
  • Lisa-Jo graciously reminds us that acts of extraordinary courage are getting up and advocating for our kids, sick spouse or family abroad or taking time to serve at church or sharing our platforms with someone.  It all is courageous in the middle of hard times when all we really want to do is stay in bed.
  • The rhythms of anticipation can feel like Christmas, even as we feel stuck in the end of winter.
  • What is engraved in Lisa Jo’s bag that anchors her in such a powerful way right now? Let us know in the reviews what is anchoring you right now. We want to hear your stories.
  • Read Psalm 77 in The Message, “I yell out to my God, with all my heart…and He listens.”

Current ordinary rhythms for Lisa-Jo and Christie:

What the Land Already Knows: Winter's Sacred Days (Stories from the Farm in Lucy) by Phyllis Tickle 
Bitter and Sweet: A Journey Into Easter by Tsh Oxenreider.
Amazon Prime show called Upload by Greg Daniels who created The Office and co-created Parks N Rec.
Dick Francis's detective novels where the heros are ordinary and unexpected.  
Dorthy Sayer writes mysteries in Lord Peter

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