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Out of the Ordinary

Nov 24, 2021

Key Conversation Points

  • What would be one theme of your house? Can you guess a theme for Lisa-Jo and Christie's home?
  • There's items in this podcast that are perfect gifts for you home. Please leave comments about what you love the most in your home as gift ideas for listeners!
  • Does a person on your list need some...

Nov 17, 2021

Key Conversation Points:

  • Do you plan ahead or are you a last minute shopper? Which one is Christie and Lisa-Jo? 
  • Lisa-Jo and Christie have someone to add to your list this year! We can all do something to impact foster care and help children have a place to belong. Click here for the wishlist of items.
  • Gift giving can...

Nov 10, 2021

Key Conversation Points:

  • Lisa-Jo and Christie said "middle finger" on the podcast. What is up with this story?!
  • Lisa-Jo shares about how we're supposed to love our neighbor when they're literally and actively trying to make our lives miserable.
  • Christianeze isn't real life and the Good Samaritan parable is super...

Nov 3, 2021

Key Conversation Points:

  • Faith and Halloween can be uncomfortable to talk about but Lisa-Jo and Christie talk through the tension of the American holiday with clarity and grace.
  • As they reminisce about Halloween traditions, please share in the comments about how this holiday has united your neighborhood. 
  • Who were...