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Out of the Ordinary

Apr 27, 2022

Key Conversation Points:

  • When you're not walking on water but drowning underneath it. 
  • Christie wants to still enjoy life and have quiet moments in the middle of a very busy season without being a zombie or robot.  She explains how the goal isn't to paddle to the top of the wave. 
  • Do you have stupid voices that lie to...

Apr 20, 2022

Key Conversation Points:

  • There are over 15% of children in the United States with special needs. These precious children are in our schools, neighborhoods, families and churches.  We can grow in our mindfulness about their unique needs and learn how to love them and their warrior families. 
  • Feeling alone in a crowd...

Apr 13, 2022

Key Conversation Points:

  • Is Easter the weirdest time to invite people to church?
  • Lisa-Jo and Christie chat about creating low barrier entry points in our circles whether it's an Easter Egg Hunt or an easy potluck.  
  • Church service can be in your kitchen over soup as you share the heavy parts of your story.  Gathering...

Apr 6, 2022

Key Conversation Points:

  • Last week's episode is here if you’d like to listen to that first as Lisa-Jo and Christie continue to delve through the meaning of hope. 
  • What conversation did Lisa-Jo and Christie have that started 14 years ago about a small God? 
  • Is the Storyteller feeling sketchy to you...