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Out of the Ordinary

Apr 26, 2023

Lisa-Jo and Christie talk about everything from carpool to tea time and everything in between as they help us grow a daily life that matters. At the end of the day, we don't make things grow.  So much of ordinary life is receiving growth from God.

External measures are not necessary for growth. It really is the internal...

Apr 19, 2023

What gift can Lisa-Jo give to her neighborhood? What about you?

You can borrow Lisa-Jo's dad's advice and his three non-negotiables in life.  Do you agree with him?  Let's get back to the basics.  His advice is a balm for our bodies and souls. We're made for significance.

Our design is a reminder that we aren't built to...

Apr 12, 2023

What gift can Lisa-Jo give to her neighborhood? What about you?

Christie has her new book, A Home in Bloom: Four Enchanted Seasons With Flowers, that we can purchase today! It's an enchanted book for anyone! You don't have to be a gardener to be blessed by this magical way of feeling seen, no matter the weeds in your...

Apr 5, 2023

The Lover of our souls has been in the midst of our humanity. The Lord loves our listeners. So much will be evident to you in this episode!! To step into conversation with Christie, is to step inside her garden. God has created us to steward living things.

Christie's new book (releases April 11!): A Home in Bloom: Four...